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TeachersFirst Resource Listings : Chemistry : U.S.-metric conversions Elements temperature, pressure, and volume of an ideal gas Gas Law AP Chemistry Periodic Table Chemistry Quizzes Organic Chemistry Help Chemistry Tutor tutorials study guides Chemistry Study Guide Chemistry Study Guide : Solutions Solubility Redox Reactions General Gas Equation Graham’s Law of Diffusion Avogadro’s Law Gay Lussac’s LawPressure Temperature Law Charle’s Law Boyle’s Law Gases Heat Phases Solids, Liquids and Gases Electronegativity Polar Bonds Covalent Bonds S
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Organic Chemistry inorganic chemistry Enthalpy element symbols ions acids bases (pH), analytical chemistry astrochemistry biochemistry Household Products Database Phase transition enthalpies Heat capacity Enthalpy of combustion Enthalpy of formation inorganic compounds Thermochemical data Material S
Academic Info : Chemistry
Academic Info : Chemistry : Second Law of Thermodynamics Atoms simulations Balancing Equations greenhouse gasses Equation Balancer Unit Conversions Molar Conversions Chemistry Functions Molecular Shapes Molecular Models Chemical Bonds Chemical Bondsorganic chemistry tutorials Safety Rules
Electronic Journal of Theoretical Chemistry
Electronic Journal of Theoretical Chemistry : The website for Electronic Journal of Theoretical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
The following are copies of the lecture materials associated with Analytical Chemistry I and II
Qualitative analysis in chemistry
Qualitative analysis in chemistry focuses on a complete, detailed description of substances, processes, etc., in an attempt to get a thorough picture of what's going on.
Quantitative Analysis : Chemistry
Quantitative analysis is a process in analytical chemistry that involves measurement of results such as quantities of substances produced, not just the nature of the reactions that produce them. All quantitative analysis involves counting or measurement in some manner.
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide is an intuitive reference guide for synthetic organic chemists. The site is structured around the daily tasks an organic chemist has to perform. : organic chemistry conferences, organic chemistry jobs, organic chemistry patents, organic chemistry exhibitions Bib
Organic Chemistry Portal
Organic Chemistry, Name Reactions, Synthesis, Chemicals, NMR, Molecular Properties
Over 4,442 mineral species descriptions are included in this HTML-linked table of crystallography for all known valid mineral species. : Isometric  Tetartoidal Diploidal Hextetrahedral Gyroidal Hexoctahedral Tetragonal Disphenoidal Pyramidal Dipyramidal Scalenohedral Ditetragonal pyramidal Trapezohe
Mineralogy Database
Complete, up-to-date, mineral database containing 4,442 mineral species descriptions and comprehensive picture library of images. These data are linked to mineral tables by crystallography, chemical composition, physical and optical properties, Dana classification, Strunz classification, mineral nam
Gen. Chemistry Starting Points
A selective, annotated collection of the collection of the best Web links for students of General Chemistry. Chemical principles, turorials