Links - Chemistry Videos
Annenberg Learner: Chemistry Videos
Atmospheric Pollution, Conservation of Matter, Periodic Table, Reactions in Chemistry, Shedding Light on Science, and World of Chemistry.
AAAS: ScienceMag: Assembling a Nanowheel
Self-assembly is a powerful means of preparing structurally intricate nanomaterials. .. By using a flow reactor system, Miras et al. observed how molybdenum oxide rings ... form with the help of temporary template molecules.
WatchKnownLearn: Chemistry
Chemistry Of Cooking, Elements Compounds, Mixtures, Gases 2 (Boyle's Law), Chemistry Magic Show, Chemistry and the Environment, Chemical and Physical Changes, Properties of Matter, Organic Chemistry: Conjugate Acids and Bases, Chemistry of Fireworks, Chemistry of Thanksgiving & 275 more.
WatchKnowLearn: Introduction to Nanochemistry
Introduction to nanochemistry and why it is important to scientists today. Discusses both the positive and negative impacts of nanotechnology. Good demonstrations. Grades 9-12. 2:59 min.
WatchKnowLearn: Phases of Matter
Includes: Forms of Matter, Dr. Loopy's Blinding you with Science #7: Solids, Liquids and Gases (States of Matter), Solids, Liquids, Gases, Intro to Chemistry 6.8: Phase Change-Mathematical, Boiling Point Elevation and Freezing Point Supression, and 18 more.
Khan Academy: Chemistry
Videos on chemistry covering a first-year high school or college course. Intro. to the atom, Orbitals and electrons, Periodic table, trends, and bonding, Chemical reactions (stoichiometry), Ideal gas laws, States of matter, Reaction rates, Acids and bases, Oxidation reduction, Radioactive decay.
MIT Open Courseware: Chemistry Courses on Video and Audio
MIT makes two undergraduate courses freely available online: Principles of Chemical Science, and Thermodynamics & Kinetics.
NeoK12: Acids and Bases
Acids and bases, two related types of chemicals,each have common properties when dissolved in a solvent. Acids react with metals producing hydrogen. Solutions of bases (alkaline solutions) turn litmus paper blue. They neutralize each other when mixed together, forming water and a salt.
TeacherTube: Chemistry Videos
Food Chemistry, Water Chemistry, AP Chemistry, scientific measurement, Atomic Structure, Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry, Chemistry of Explosions