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Approaches to Reading and Interpretation
New Criticism/Formalism Traditional Historicism
New Historicism Reader-Response Criticism
Psychoanalytical Criticism Feminist Literary Criticism
Structuralist Criticism Marxist Literary Criticism
Internet Public Library : American: 20th Century literature
American: 20th Century Literary Criticism : Tom Wolfe Tennessee Williams Kurt Vonnegut Neil Simon J. D. Salinger Ayn Rand Ezra Pound Sylvia Plath Flannery O'Connor Toni MorrisonArthur Miller James A. Michener Carson McCullers H. P. Lovecraft Sinclair Lewis
A selective bibliography of open access articles for more than 300 authors,... 20TH CENTURY AUTHORS 19TH CENTURY AUTHORS 20TH CENTURY POETRY African American Writers Postcolonial Literature Filipino American Literature 16th Century Literature 17th Century Literature 18th Century Literature American
IPL Literary Criticism Collection
American Literature British Literature Canadian Literature French Literature Italian Literature German Literature Russian Literature Spanish Literature Latin American Literature Japanese Literature Chinese Literature ... Other Literatures: Greek (Classical) ! Latin
Polish ! Czech ! Romanian ! Scandi
A Glossary of Literary Criticism
A Glossary of Literary Criticism
Internet Public Library Pathfinders : Literary Criticism
What is literary criticism? How do I find it? : Literary criticism is the evaluation, analysis, description, or interpretation of literary works. critical essay in-depth book reviews Rhetorical Devices Literary Terms Literary Research Writing Guide
General Resources in German Literature
German literary criticism Germanic Studies Germanic Philology German Libraries
General Resources in Literature Other Than English
Cognate Poems Homepage Language Resource Centers Foreign Language Resources Language-Related Newsgroups Listservs on Other Literatures foreign language learning
Maya Angelou : Literary Criticism
Maya Angelou: A Bibliography of Literary Criticism
General Resources in African Literature
African Literature Resources African Postcolonial Literature in English African Writers Black Nobel Laureates in Literature Bibliography of Literary Criticism in South Africa
Voice of the Shuttle : General Literary Criticism
Literary Criticism Sonnet Criticism Literature
PAL: Perspectives in American Literature
Hundreds of American authors and lots of literary criticism, a 'must-see' site!
WorldCat : Literary Criticism
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