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Yahoo Directory : Sculptors
Sculptors : Buonarroti Michelangelo Murakami Jansen Calder Hart Grossman Ehlenberger Arnold Judd McCartan Francis Long Brouwn Duffy Opie Rijkeboer Reames Fida sculpture
Metropolitan Museum : American Paintings and Sculpture
American Paintings and Sculpture
Metropolitan Museum : European Sculpture and Decorative Arts
European Sculpture and Decorative Arts
Web Gallery of Art : Sculptures by Hans MULTSCHER
Sculptures by Hans MULTSCHER : St George and St John the Evangelist Model of a Tomb Holy Trinity
NYPL Digital Gallery : Greek and Roman Sculpture
Greek and Roman sculpture
NYPL Digital Gallery : English Sculpture
English sculpture
Metropolitan Museum : Medieval European Sculpture for Buildings
Medieval European Sculpture for Buildings : Europe 500 1000 A.D. European Art in the Middle Ages Architectural Elements Secular Religious Christianity Gothic Byzantine Church Sculpture Relief Medieval and Cloisters
Web Gallery of Art : Religious Carvings by Alonso BERRUGUETE
Religious Carvings : Madonna and Child with the Young St John Salome Eve Choir-stall Adoration of the Magi The Sacrifice of Isaac St Christopher St Sebastian
Metropolitan Museum : Early Maori Woodcarvings
Early Maori Woodcarvings : Oceania 1400 1600 A.D. Sculpture In the Round Wood Polynesia
American Museum of Ceramic Art
Ceramic Art Raku Extruder Coil Slab Throwing, Thrown, Potter's Wheel, Slip, Porcelain, Stoneware, Earthenware, Cone, Cast, Casting, Mold, Bisque, Pinch, Greenware, China, Engobe, Oven, Dough Clay paint, Ceramic Paint, Tenmoku, Celedon, Terra Cotta, Adobe, Underglaze, Pyrometer, Wedging, Kneeding, Po
Metropolitan Museum : Metalwork, Copper
Copper metalwork
Metropolitan Museum : Metalwork, Steel
Steel metalwork : dagger Armor Katana Swords helmets Colt Third Model Dragoon Percussion Revolver Ceremonial Horse Armor Hunting Knife Hunting sword Mail shirt flintlock pistols Tournament Pauldrons Sabers Shields Wheel-lock Rifle
Metropolitan Museum : Numismatics
Numismatics Coins Byzantine Byzantium Lydian Lydia Greek Iran Iranian
WorldCat : Plastic Arts
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